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$450 Single Treatment

$3,000 for Package of 6

NAD+ Anti Aging Treatment Package of 6:


First Infusion of 250mg NAD, with incremental increases weekly of 250mg up to 750mg for 6 weeks, can take between 2-4 hours

NAD+ is an incredibly powerful natural molecule made in the body that is required to for the body function at its fullest capacity. All significant cellular events within the human body cannot occur without the presence of NAD. The release of energy from the nutrients we consume in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and the breakdown of fatty acids, relies on the presence of NAD. NAD is also crucial for DNA repair, strengthening the immune system, limiting inflammation, among many other processes. Studies have shown the benefit of NAD+ on cardiac health, kidney health, and liver health. A deficiency in NAD+ may result in different illnesses or disease conditions. NAD+ deficiency may also result in modulation of DNA so that genes are not expressed appropriately; this is known as genetic silencing.  

The amount of NAD+ the body produces declines with age, and NAD production is also limited by lifestyle factors such as high levels of stress, environmental toxins, illness, and alcohol.

If you are interested in NAD+, call us to discuss a plan for replacing this vital molecule! 




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