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Is the saying “You Are What You Eat” actually True?

We've all heard the cliche, "You Are What You Eat". But have you actually thought how this works? If its true? What does that even mean?

A better, more accurate phrase is “You Are What You Absorb”.

May people are confused because they may eat very well, and still struggle with low B12 levels and low energy.

We hear from countless of our clients that they come to us because no matter how much they drink, they still feel dehydrated. Why is that?

It's not about what you eat, its about what you are absorbing.

On average, we absorb only 20-30% of everything we eat, drink, and consume in vitamins/minerals/medications. That means we are losing 80% of what we put into our body. 80% of that water bottle you just drank, you'll urinate out! And thats if you have a perfect gut!

What affects our absorption rates?

GI surgeries such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries make it much more difficult to absorb B-vitamins.

Coffee decreases absorption of many minerals.

Certain medications can decrease the absorption of nutrients in foods if taken together.

How is IV therapy different?

IV therapy ensures 100% absorption of hydration, vitamins and minerals through the intravenous route. This is because it completely bypasses the GI tract. The phenomenon of nutrients lost to the gut is better known as the "first pass effect" and describes the way nutrients are taken from foods and shunted to the liver or other areas of the body for metabolism before being excreted. The body cannot use these nutrients lost to the first pass effect.

This is where the purpose of IV nutritional therapy comes in:

Better bioavailability of nutrients via bypassing the first pass effect as well as circumventing loss of potency and GI upset

IV treatments are also allow for infusing larger quantities of nutrients directly into the bloodstream while maintaining maximum potency. It would be difficult to impossible to absorb the same potency of vitamins through the standard oral route. In fact, IV hydration allows the body to absorb 10-20 times as many nutrients as eating can do!

For this reason, IV fluids are fundamental in assisting with repletion of nutrients and dehydration, and are used frequently by celebrities and athletes alike to help achieve optimal body functioning.

Who is a candidate?

Now, IV hydration isn't limited to just pro-athletes and top celebs. Almost anyone can experience the most out of life by enjoying the benefits and convenience of IV therapy. If you struggle to take your daily multi-vitamin, feel like you may be suffering from the dry desert climate, are hoping to reach a weight loss goal, want to have sustained energy without the use of energy drinks and caffeine, or struggle with symptoms such as migraines or brain fog, IV hydration may help.

If you think IV hydration may be a good option for you, give us a call or book online today! We are excited to help you achieve your goals and feel your best through professional IV hydration and vitamin therapy.


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